World Science Day For Peace And Development

Science is taken from the Latin word scientia which means knowledge. Generally, science can be meant as a systematic effort that is done in order to build, develop, and manage the knowledge in a form of explanation and prediction about the universe that can be tested. Science is often only associated with natural science. However, world science is actually a wide and broad topic that consists of many types or divisions of knowledge such as natural science, social science, formal science, and applied science. World science is continually developed to answer many questions in the world that are waiting to be answered and uncovered. For centuries, world science has been developed to help people understanding the universe. In the process, science becomes a place where knowledge are gathered and used to help people. Science is also expected to be used for peace. We cannot avoid that the fast development of science also creates some negative impacts in society. It needs some active actions to bring and use the science for peace. One of the active actions is World Science Day for Peace and Development.

Science and Society

Realized or not, science has become important part of society. Now we can find science in every part of society. In the daily life, science is often to be applied to help people solving their problems. However, sometime people don’t realize the importance of linking science and society. People use science in the society without realizing some impacts that can be happened. In this globalization era, the existence of science in society has become important tools for people to interact and compete. Science has an important role in influencing the interaction and competition. It could be negative and positive. Science can trigger a positive interaction and competition as well as triggering the negative ones. Society should be given a clear understanding about those two sides of science in the society. By having a clear understanding of the importance of science in the society, people are expected to be wise in using science in their daily life.

The Celebration

The Celebration

World Science Day for Peace and Development is an annual celebration that is established by UNESCO in order to highlight the importance of science in the society and invite people to discuss the development of science and some scientific issue as well as the importance of science in the daily life. World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated every 10 November. In that day, all actors such as scientist, government officials, NGO, media, to students are invited to be part of worldwide actions that promote science for peace. Through the celebration, many people are expected to be aware that science is also part of society. This celebration also aims to make sure that people are informed in the development of science in society.

There are some objectives of World Science Day for Peace and Development.

1.             Developing and strengthening public awareness in the importance of since for peace

2.             Promoting national and international solidarity to share science around the globe

3.             Renewing commitment to use science for peace and for benefit of society

4.             Gaining awareness to the challenge that is faced by science in the society

Commonly, in every year there is one theme that is taken. For example, this year World Science Day for Peace and Development take a theme, “Quality Science Education: ensuring a sustainable future for all”. There will be many events that are done in that day that is managed nationally and internationally. Through the events many people are expected to be part of active actions in using and developing science for peace.

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