What’s Not to Miss: World Science Festival

What’s Not to Miss: World Science Festival

One of the most awaited festivals of the year is world science festival. This event is an annual science festival conducted by a nonprofit organization called as the World Science Foundation headquartered in New York City. The aim of this foundation is to foster a general public to be acknowledged by science, to be convinced by its value, to be inspired by its wonder, and to be willing to engage with its implications for the future. Here are some interesting facts you should know behind the creation of the most awaited science festival in the world

1. History of the establishment
This event was first created and founded by author of several popular science books, such as the Hidden Reality, the Elegant Universe, Tracy day (a four-time winning journalist for national news Emmy award), professor of physics and mathematics in Columbia university as well as a man behind the production of documentary and live programming nation’s outstanding television news divisions, namely Brian Greene.

Now, he becomes the world science foundation’s chairman. This festival is initially had a basic connection in science, however, now it also act in accordance to the production standards of professional live theatrical events and television. There are also some other people behind the form of this organization including the Alfred P. Sloan foundation, John Templeton foundation and Simons foundation.

 What’s Not to Miss: World Science Festival
2. More on the list of festival events
May 28 to June 1, 2008 are the chosen day to start the inaugural festival which takes place at 22 different venues all over New York City. This festival is being participated by 46 events. The first day is celebrated by street fair as well as world science summit which taken place in Columbia University. Other participants that also perform in this festival are including the 11 Nobel Prize winners. Meanwhile, the venues you can find there such as Abyssinian Baptist church, American museums of natural history and performing arts of New York University’s Skirball Center. This event has successfully welcomed for more than 120,000 visitors.

3. How does this festival is celebrated?
Ever since this event was conducted around the past ten festivals, this event invite millions of requests for more enjoying the programs including debates, interactive exploration, discussions, musical performance, theatrical works as well as intimate salons and outdoor experiences in galleries, parks and museums.

4. What’s going on in world science festival 2017 ?
In 2017, world science festival was celebrated on May 30, 2017 in Lincoln center. It spread science insights in Times Square with some events including demonstration, activities and installations which entertain, educate as well as inspire by giving the public a greater recognition towards the earth. What’s interesting in this event is the visitors can enjoy the sustainable dance floor that creates power from human activity and also led video wall which shows how global warming affects the earth.

This festival is truly an eye-opening event that helps you to understand better about science role to our life. In case you missed it this year, make sure you mark the date for the next world science festival 2018!

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